A missed period can lead to concerns about pregnancy. If it’s been awhile since your last menstrual cycle, it’s time to clear things up with a pregnancy test. The sooner you know if you’re pregnant or not, the better able you are to care for the baby that you’re carrying if we find that you are pregnant.

Urine-Based Tests are Reliable and Accurate

If you think that you’re pregnant, OBGYN High Desert makes sure that you are by scheduling an Adelanto pregnancy test for you. The urine-based test is 87%-99% accurate and considered reliable by obstetrics and gynecology professionals such as Dr. Ahmadinia. You’ll learn quickly what to do if you are pregnant because the doctor will give you advice on how to have a healthy pregnancy based on your age and medical history.

Getting to Know Your Menstrual Cycle

If you come from Adelanto to the office for a pregnancy test, know that you’ll be asked questions about your last period. You’ll also be given prenatal vitamins to start taking right away. Full of folic acid which helps the fetus grow and develop, the supplement should become a part of your daily routine while pregnant and nursing.

Comfortable and Convenient OBGYN High Desert is Right for You

OBGYN High Desert makes your office visit convenient and comfortable for you. If the pregnancy test is negative, but you’re still experiencing symptoms of pregnancy, let us know. We’ll administer a blood test and see if you are, indeed, pregnant before giving you detailed instructions on how to take good care of yourself during your pregnancy.

Prepare for the Arrival of Your Newborn Child

A simple pregnancy test clears up any questions you have about the current state of your body. If you are pregnant, you’ll be better equipped to prepare for the arrival of your child because of your visit to OBGYN High Desert. If you aren’t pregnant, you can make preparations to keep trying until you are or finding a method of birth control that works better for you.

Work with an OBGYN That You Know and Trust Like Dr. Ahmadinia

Women from Adelanto trust Dr. Ahmadinia with their pregnancies. From the pregnancy test to the day of delivery, they know that the OBGYN will work hard to clear up any concerns that they have by answering their questions and providing them with support and care. Dr. Ahmadinia and staff care about their patients from Adelanto and the surrounding area.