At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we take great pride in providing Adelanto Gynecology and Adelanto Obstetrics care for all our High Desert and Apple Valley, female patients.

We recommend women start receiving Adelanto Gynecology care once they reach the age of 18 or sooner if they are sexually active. Adelanto Obstetrics is recommended as soon as you think you may be pregnant.

Dr. Ahmadinia OB/GYN is dedicated to providing his patients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their health. Women come to this practice to discuss their sexual health, birth control options, sexually transmitted disease treatments and STD screenings, yearly exams, breast health treatment for female reproductive system diseases and infections, surgical needs, preconception counseling and services, high pregnancy, prenatal care(including high-risk pregnancy), labor and delivery care, postnatal care, postmenopausal stage of life, receive menopausal care. Dr. Ahmadinia also treats bladder and pelvic issues.

Dr. Ahmadinia OBGYN also specializes in high-risk pregnancies. A woman who is considered to have a high-risk pregnancy may be a teenager, a woman over 35, a woman who is carrying multiples, a woman who has health problems such as; diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or any number of pre-existing conditions. Not only does the doctor provide excellent care for the mother and baby he does it in a calm and comforting manner. If the doctor is calm, then mom is also more likely to be calm and have a good pregnancy.

At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we also offer mammograms and ultrasounds in the office. Dr. Ahmadinia is delighted to announce we offer a 3D/4D ultrasound package, so moms and dads to be can see their little bundle of joy before he/she arrives. If their lucky they will see there baby wiggling around and maybe even playing with their toes!

Dr. Ahmadinia also does newborn circumcisions. If you know, you are having a boy you can discuss the circumcision with the doctor before birth. The procedure is done in the hospital either the day your son is born or the following day. You will be given instructions for caring for the circumcision site before you are discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Ahmadinia OB/GYN is an excellent physician and provides each of his Adelanto Gynecology and Adelanto Obstetrics patients with the best care and treatment options in a caring manner.